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iPlasma Updates
Events Module 2.0.10 Update
05/16/2017: New add to calendar button!
Tag Manager Hotfix
05/04/2017: Includes improvement of ability to search available tags while typing
New Glyphicon Plugin for WYSIWYG
04/21/2017: Bring your content to life with the new, innovative glyphicon plugin!
iPlasmaCMS2 SHA-1 Security Vulnerability Patch
04/20/2017: Updated encryption protocol for iPlasmaCMS2
Slideshow 4.1.1 Hotfix Notes
04/14/2017: Includes Layout Modifications, and Bug Fixes
File Library 1.3 Hotfix Notes
03/29/2017: Includes bug fix for the add/edit document function within the File Library module
Slideshow 4.1 Release Notes
03/20/2017: Includes Layout Modifications, Updates, Bug Fixes, and a New Feature
WYSIWYG Editor Update
The Insercorp Development Team has released an update to the WYSIWYG Editor allowing users the ability to easily and conveniently insert links within content.
Blog Module 2.1.3 Hotfix Notes
03/13/17: Includes a bug fix for post-dated articles in the Blog Module
Events 2.0.9 Security Patch
03/01/2017: Patch includes fix for broken links within the Events Module Categories.
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