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iPlasma Updates
Departments Module Patch 2.3.2
08/31/2015: Fixes Adding New Departments, Department Description Popup, and Editing Subpages.
Departments Module Patch 2.3.1
06/03/2015: Fixed a bug with the Department Cover Photo
03/31/2015: Fixed a bug when editing an ad.
iPlasmaCMS2.3.6.2 Patch
03/04/2015: Fixed a bug in the main navigation for touch devices.
Departments 2.3 Update
03/03/2015 - Web Administrators, Department Moderators, Department Users
Gallery Module 2.12
02/06/2015: Patch fixed problem with uploading .jpeg's
Events Module 2.0.8
01/14/2015: Patch fixed a problem when adding a repeat event to the fourth week of the month
PlasmaAds 3.1.2
12/09/2014: Patch fixed the issue with the Zone Title not displaying when printing Advertiser Reports
Gallery Module 2.1.1 Patch Notes
11/24/2014: Patch fixed a bug when removing or moving an album cover from its album
Testimonial Module 2.0.1 Patch Notes
11/21/2014: Patch fixes bug when creating a category
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