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iPlasma Updates
Events Module 2.0.10 Update
05/16/2017: New add to calendar button!
Tag Manager Hotfix
05/04/2017: Includes improvement of ability to search available tags while typing
New Glyphicon Plugin for WYSIWYG
04/21/2017: Bring your content to life with the new, innovative glyphicon plugin!
iPlasmaCMS2 SHA-1 Security Vulnerability Patch
04/20/2017: Updated encryption protocol for iPlasmaCMS2
Slideshow 4.1.1 Hotfix Notes
04/14/2017: Includes Layout Modifications, and Bug Fixes
File Library 1.3 Hotfix Notes
03/29/2017: Includes bug fix for the add/edit document function within the File Library module
Slideshow 4.1 Release Notes
03/20/2017: Includes Layout Modifications, Updates, Bug Fixes, and a New Feature
WYSIWYG Editor Update
03/17/2017: Added Link Classes to the WYSIWYG Insert/Edit Link popup
Blog Module 2.1.3 Hotfix Notes
03/13/17: Includes a bug fix for post-dated articles in the Blog Module
Events 2.0.9 Security Patch
03/01/2017: Patch includes fix for broken links within the Events Module Categories.
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