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iPlasma Updates
News 2.1.1 Security Patch
03/01/2017: Patch includes fix for broken links within the News Module Categories.
iPlasmaCMS 2.5.2 Security Patch
2/24/2017: Updated encryption protocol
Blog 2.1.2 Hotfix Notes
2/10/2017: Includes a bug fix for the WYSIWYG editor
Slideshow 4.0.2 Hotfix Notes
2/10/2017: Includes bug fixes to YouTube video slides
Blog 2.1.1 Hotfix Notes
2/9/2017: Includes various bug fixes to the Blog Module
iPlasmaCMS2 2.5.1 Patch Notes
2/7/2017: Bug Fixes for Manage Pages & Site Map
Slideshow 4.0 Release Notes
2/1/2017: Updates to the Slideshow Module and New Features
News Manager 2.1 Hotfix Notes
1/24/2017: Includes improvements to News Alert Bar and various bug fixes
Blog 2.1 Patch Notes
1/20/2017: Updates to Blog Author profiles and SEF URLs
PlasmaDrive 2.2.2 Hotfix Notes
1/4/2017: Bug Fix for PlasmaDrive
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